I woke up this morning with a different perspective

Thanking God for all of the little things that makes his world beautiful.

This week, as Texas breaks phenomenal records, I take the weather as an opportunity to be mindful.

Spending most of our hours in cold and gloomy conditions.

Running through the snow that sat just above the ankle mark on my turquoise rain boots.

Everything else fades from my mind, and I find myself in my own moment.

I didn’t remember how old I was, or what any of my friends were doing.

I was completely isolated from technology…

I never quite understood why singles had so much against this day, but I started to see it tonight.

Before I knew it it’s been 2 hours.

Why me?

Unable to fully comprehend any idea of you.

I listen, observing.

You act strong. You build a barrier more solid than iron, hoping no one sees the vulnerable things that are hidden inside.

But I see it. I’ll protect it.

You’re passionate. A kind of loyal compassion I’ve yet to see from another. The kind so deep that rarely runs through the roots and depths of people, but you bring a…

Some people always have their past in the back of their mind. Replaying events with people who’ve withdrawn every aspect of you from their daily lives.

Nonetheless, those thoughts and memories stay. I can see her long dark hair, and the way she smiled. Her loving compassion. The genuine joy that I can feel through my phone screen. It’s bittersweet. The residue of life you once lived that is now over. I see your eyes light up, looking at me the way you once looked at her, and I can’t help but wonder, what now?

Scrolling. Everyday. I think I miss her more than you do.

God would never take something that was meant to be away, because God doesn’t make mistakes.

Sometimes people always have their past in the back of their mind, replaying events. But on occasion, they’re someone else’s memories.

A misconception is that you shouldn’t settle until you find someone that fits your exact standards. But in reality, you meet someone eventually that makes your standards change. I could list 1000 qualities I would want in a man of God that will some day have my heart, but the man God intends for it, is what God wants, not what I do.

Sometimes we rush life, we rush God. We want to know everything that’s going to happen. But sometimes not knowing saves your current perspective. I wouldn’t want to plan out my own life the way I wanted it. It wouldn’t be mine.


Hey. It’s been a second, but it’s finally a new year! Crazy right? I’m sorry I took such a long break, I’ve been at my dads, which has been pretty fun.

I had a conversation with my dad earlier that I wanted to share. I want to be a pastor. I spent 4 years wanting to be a forensic Scientist and God called me into ministry. I would love to go to college, but don’t want to spend a butt load of money on a degree if I don’t know what I’m doing. My dad pulled out statistics. He…

With Christmas right around the corner, birthdays constantly coming up, and accomplishments at the end of a crazy year, what better to gift someone than a heartfelt present that will be useful, and encourage your loved ones in their faith?

Here are 5 Christian based gift ideas for those special people in your life.


You definitely expected this one, but you can never go wrong with a new bible!

There are so many different options for what best fits your receiver. …

Two days until Christmas but it doesn’t feel like Christmas, you know? My mind tells me that it is just this crazy year, and the mental state I've been in, but I’m honestly hoping that losing the Christmas spirit with age is just a thing for hallmark movies.

A lot has happened today and I am not even sure where to start. It has most definitely been a crazy past several days, that is for sure. I guess no better way to start than from the beginning. It is currently 2:30 Am, so I am technically talking about yesterday. That’s…

If you saw my first entrée you know last night was kind of hectic for me, and I wasn’t in a very optimistic state. I wanted to take a second to tell you a little about me. I promise stuff like yesterday isn’t a reoccurring experience.

My name is Kenley Evans. I love Jesus with my entire heart and eventually want to use this platform to share the gospel with whoever may see this. I am a homeschooled high school student, and I wanted to be a Forensic Psychologist most of my life. Until recently, when God unexpectedly called me…

We are approaching the end of one of the most wild and insane years. Full of people with horrible mental health, the ending of friendships, relationships, and being manipulated by the media. As I am writing this, they are currently going through he process of giving out the first corona virus vaccines.

What I have noticed about the media when talking about the vaccine is, whoever is speaking is either 100% for it, or 100% against it. One side of the spectrum are folks who think you’ll just fall over dead if you don’t take it, but… haven’t we’ve already…

Kenley Evans

I love Jesus. I write whatever is on my mind. :)

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